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Three phase installations and fuseboards in London, Essex

At Theedam Electrics Ltd, we specialise in the installation or repairs of any fuseboards or three-phase systems. When it comes to providing your home with electricity, you need a component that will make sure that the power is able to reach the appliance that requires it, but also make sure that the voltage is consistent and doesn’t overload the appliance.

Fuseboards in Essex and London

Fuseboards are used to monitor to flow of electricity to your appliances and provide safety to your home by stopping the current to an appliance if there is an electrical overload. If this occurs, a switch in the fuseboard is flipped which stops the current until the appliance has been checked and you have manually flipped the switch back on. The advantage of this is that the electrical current is only stopped to the relevant appliance and doesn’t cause a loss of electricity to the rest of your property. At Theedam Electrics Ltd, we can install any fuseboards, and also repair any that are damaged or faulty.

Three-Phase Installations in Essex and London

Three-phase supply is an electrical installation that provides an electrical current to your property. Most standard homes will only need a single-phase supply as the amount of electricity required to run the home is quite small in comparison to a larger building, particularly any in the commercial sector. Three-phase supply installations provide you with a greater current of electricity and so are mainly used on commercial properties, however, they can also be used on larger private homes or a block of flats. At Theedam Electrics Ltd, we can install any three-phase appliances and perform any repairs on any existing ones that are faulty.

If you are looking for a professional electrician in Essex and London look no further than Theedam Electrics Ltd. Give us a call today on 01992610253 or send us a message through our contact page.

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