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Commercial wiring & sockets in London, Essex

The wiring in your property is vital to the running of the building as any faulty wiring could cause you to lose all power, leaving you unable to complete whatever task you were undertaking until the issue is fixed. Moreover, the wiring in your property can be dangerous if damaged and could potentially cause an electrical fire. At Theedam Electrics Ltd, we specialise in the installation and repair of any wiring in your commercial property.

Unlike most domestic properties, commercial buildings will be using a three-phase supply which means that a greater current of electricity will be flowing through the wiring. This means that any wiring in a commercial property must be able to carry this voltage to any appliance as required. At Theedam Electrics Ltd, we can install any wiring in your commercial property, and provide you with an Electrical Inspection Certificate to confirm that the wiring is safe to use. Moreover, we can perform any fault finding services where we can identify any issues with the current wiring and complete any repairs that are needed.

For more information on the wiring services that we can provide in your commercial property, give Theedam Electrics Ltd in London and Essex a call on 07728686401 or send us a message through our contact page.

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